How to be intelligent but not smart…

So I have five kids. I have birthed three but I am partially responsible for the creation of five functional adults. Luckily the husband is around to balance out their upbringing but honestly its hard. We have therapy and cub scouts and girl scouts and gymnastics and dance and baseball and band and play dates and birthday parties.

THEN I thought, “Hey. You know what would be a really awesome idea right now? Finishing my BA in Mass Media and Communication.”

I am intelligent. But I am not smart.

So, it has been insane. Literally. Chaos. I am pretty sure I cannot remember the last time I dusted properly. Also, I have stopped sorting laundry. Or putting it away. It lives in its new home: the basket.

But the kids are fed, clothed, mostly clean.

Classes are being passed.

My marriage is surviving. Cuz you know the husband is also finishing his degree. at the same time.

Again. We are so dumb.

BUT I do want to say: English 352 Short Stories has been awesome. Some amazing stories. some great discussions. Now I am writing about Faulkner, Universal Verities and how those make impactful storytelling.

yeah. That is how I feel, too. And I wrote my own thesis.



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