Well, Now, Than

I have been hemming and hawing about starting a blog for a while. I always felt… honestly I haven’t started writing on the internet because I don’t like the word “blog”. Some people don’t like the word “moist”. However, it occurs to me that my feelings about the word “blog” are personal and I must really get over them.

But here I am at 11:16pm (2316 for you military time types) tippity typing away. Maybe I am just talking to myself in a more acceptable fashion then mumbling under my breath at the Target. Or maybe I will end up having someone read this. How should I know, either way I have a place that is an organized chronological history of adventures.*

So to start out I will just give some basic information. My husband and I have been married for 8 years (feels like 80 sometimes) and we have 5 children. Two from his previous relationship. They are One and Two. Then we have three childen from our glorious union of spirits. We shall call them Three, Four and Five respectively.

I am certain I will probably give away their identifying information but for now lets pretend I am an excellent hover mom. Since this is about them and me and I guess the hubsters here is some info you might need:

Hubsters is 31. And very gray. He is a chef and soldier and a bit of a hippy. Also, he is really terrible at staying awake while watching Doctor Who.

One. He is in the double digits, which still makes my head reel. He has a very rare genetic disorder called Coffin-Siris Syndrome. It has been a major part of our families journey but has never once defined it. One is the brightest star on even the gloomiest days.

Two. The kid is nearly as tall as me. already. Smart and sometimes smug (annoying) he is an avid video gamer and open minded musician. He and Three are a gang of 2. Always up to something

Three. Full of life and leadership (manipulation) skills. She also cries a lot.  She is a lot like me in more ways than bone structure. Three is may be my 1st born but she is very much a middle child.

Four. Hell on wheels. Look out for Four, World. She is in charge. As savvy as Three is Four just muscles her way into getting what she wants. Which is usually chocolate.

And Finally, sweet baby Five. He has a personality but mostly he just wants to nurse. Our youngest child is a clown and attention hog.

So this is the beginning of a beautiful, or at least amusing, internet relationship with a broad and bizarre cast of characters.


*all of it is true. or mostly.




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